Q: Why are there only 50-55 recipes in each book?
A: I have a cupboard full of cookbooks and many of them have hundreds of recipes, but I find that I generally only use 2 or 3 recipes out of each book. When it came time to write my own cookbooks I decided to only put my absolute favorite recipes in them. I also felt it was more important to have a photograph for every recipe than have hundreds of recipes and no photos.

Q: Are the recipes healthy?
A: The focus of my books is to make sure that the recipes are vegan and taste great, not that they are healthy. I use sugar and white flour in my desserts and fake meats in my breakfasts. I don’t sell healthy cookbooks, I sell vegan cookbooks that offer full taste and flavor.

Q: Who is this book for?
A: Vegans obviously, but this also for anyone who has a vegan friend or family member that they want to cook for. What makes these recipes so great is that nobody would even realize you were serving them something vegan unless you told them.

Q: Where can I find the ingredients?
A: I wanted the recipes to use ingredients that are easy to find. So most of the ingredients I used can be found at your local grocery store.

Q: How do you get by without using eggs?
A: You don’t need eggs to bind everything together when baking. There are quite a few ways to replace them. I’ve discovered some simple substitutes you can use. Even when making breakfasts 😉

Q: What about butter and milk?
A: Butter is actually very easy to replace… and there are many milk alternatives.

Q: Are vegan desserts healthy?
A: Like all vegan foods, my recipes don’t use dairy or other animal products. But, remember, they’re still desserts. They’re not intended to be eaten all the time.

However, generally speaking, home-baked desserts are often healthier than store-bought varieties because commercial bakeries frequently add chemical additives, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. When you bake at home, you can usually avoid some or all of those “bad” ingredients.

Q: Is sugar vegan?
A: Not all of it. Some brands of sugar use “bone char” in their processing (so they’re not vegan). But there are many companies that don’t use that process. With a little checking, you’ll be able to find brands that are suitable for vegan recipes.

Q: Do your recipes really taste as good as the originals?
A: Yes! My taste-testers liked my final recipes as much — and sometimes more — than the original, non-vegan versions. And remember… NONE of my taste-testers are vegans.

Many of my earlier attempts at “cloning” the originals missed the mark. But I didn’t give up. I kept working and altering the ingredients until they were perfect.

Q: Why do you only sell the download?
A: My books are available in print get the dessert book or get the breakfast book. I prefer to sell the downloads, honestly because I earn 100% of the proceeds instead of 5% with the print copies. This helps me to keep doing what I love and veganizing recipes to share with you. + No trees are harmed when you download the book 🙂

Q: Do you use store-bought ingredients?
A: Yes, I prefer not to make things like salsa, english muffins, bread, tortillas, fake meats, etc. from scratch when they are easily available on store shelves.  Mainly because I am lazy and prefer not to take longer than necessary to make a recipe.